Custom Assortment Box

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Your choice of up to 3 treats options to be assorted in a box. Can be customized or not. 

Boxes are filled with 6-10 total treats of a mix of your chosen few.

Choose from

Specialty or seasonal treats.         Cakesicles

Hot Cocoa bombs.                       Brownies 

Dessert truffles.                            Dessert jars

Bronuts.                                        Etc.


Nothing is of limits except for choosing up to 3 of the above. Flavors and theme are custom to your liking. All of our products are beautifully designed as they come so feel free to get an assortment box just to try multiple treats. However if you'd like the option to have it custom to a color or theme just mention those details as your note at checkout! And we will make it happen