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Chef Tasting Event with Isla Indulge



This evening is an ode to creativity, a tasting experience to spark up some of your own culinary desire. To imagine rather than to eat - is a belief I've long loved when it comes to cooking.

Emerse yourself in the ambiance and let the energy of the food sweep you away with special flavors from Tropical and Latin Caribbean Culture.


Chef Jay Anthony, a New York City culinary artist with over a decade of experience, is dedicated to creating art in edible form. With a vibrant background hailing from Puerto Rico and growing up in the heart of the Bronx, Chef Jay Anthony infuses his cultural influences into every masterpiece he brings to life. His incredible talent has garnered recognition on esteemed platforms such as the Food Network's Christmas Cookie Challenge and NBC Los Angeles News.



Through his creations, Chef Jay Anthony fulfills his purpose of making things with his hands that are capable of bringing back cherished memories in our lives. In the kitchen, he constantly reinvents and experiments, driven by his passion and Caribbean soul.



With a vision to venture into the realm of fine desserts accessible to everyone, Chef Jay Anthony respects his recipe and transforms it into something truly unique. Each dessert is crafted as if it were meant for his favorite people, ensuring that the flavors and textures blend harmoniously to satisfy your cravings.



Experience the artistry by rsvping today and embark on a culinary journey where food is not merely cooked, but meticulously crafted with love and care.




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